Streamlining B2B UX: Bluestream’s Website Redesign

A web redesign with vastly improved performance helps Bluestream’s B2B audiences discover their array of smart-city waste solutions and urban street furniture.

Discover the full visual experience on our Behance page.

Project Highlights

  • Efficient website redesign strategy 
  • Improved website performance
  • Modernized UX design
  • SEO-optimized content and copy
  • Successful social media campaign


Refreshing Bluestream’s Digital Brand

Bluestream is a Dubai-based manufacturer of contemporary urban furniture and waste disposal solutions for private and public sectors. The company’s products and technologies were visually outstanding and innovative, but their website and social media left much to be desired. They needed Clipatize for strategic direction on how best to create a cleaner content experience and reach their B2B-buyer audience. The overall process

  1. Discover Business Objectives
  2. SEO Research & Competitive Analysis
  3. Audit of the Current Website
  4. Strategize Improvements
  5. Write Sitemap & Content
  6. Design Website Wireframes
  7. Mood Boards & Stylescapes
  8. High-Fidelity Mockups & Prototype
  9. Build a Website Style Guide

website mockup b2b

Phase 1: Discovery & Strategy

In its previous form, Bluestream's website didn’t have the “wow” effect on their target B2B audience: it was clunky and outdated, with low-resolution images. 

With so many issues detected, this website redesign project was a high-level overhaul that involved making vast changes in the user experience, performance, content, structure, and visuals. The overall strategy looked like this:

We also conducted in-depth user persona research. When it comes to Bluestream's target audience, think urban landscape architects and large developers, who are passionate about designing public spaces with both flair and comfort. These are the movers and shakers that keep the gears turning in the world of street furniture and waste management.


Target personas - b2b


Phase 2 - Prototyping & Wireframes

Clipatize web & content teams were hands-on throughout the information architecture and UX prototyping processes. Starting with a sitemap revamp, we delivered the early-stage wireframes and prototypes of the website. 

  • Bluestream Sitemap
  • End-to-end SEO Optimization
  • Website Copywriting
  • Developing keyword phrases positions, visibility, links
  • Preparation of SEO guidelines
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Weekly Reporting Activities

website wireframes - b2b

Phase 3 - Development & Design

Bluestream’s brand attributes are bold, clean and modern. We needed the digital design cues to align with their brand, while maintaining a fast and responsive website. Many product pages can fail by having slow load times which makes visitors click-off out of frustration. The end result was a showcasing of performance and panache.

  • High performance by decreasing page load speeds
  • Responsiveness on both desktop and mobile screens
  • Thought-provoking statements and immersive imagery
  • Full-screen graphics of product display
  • Vibrant colors and prominent calls to action

Website mockup b2b marketing

Phase 4 - Social Media  

The website redesign was followed up by rounds of social media campaigns to introduce the newly minted experience. 

  • Developed Bluestream’s social media guidelines with colors, fonts, and images to be consistent with the new website.
  • Conducted a target audience analysis to determine the most common trends, desires, and opportunities available for B2B buyers on social media.
  • Developed and executed a lead generation campaign with Lead Ads on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Our approach was based on solid data, benchmarks, research, and best practices, resulting in a 34% conversion rate!

Discover the full visual experience of the redesign on our Behance page.

Site speed and visual identity impact B2B buyer experiences more than people think. The goal of a fast-loading web redesign all comes down to a simple fact: Web Performance is Marketing Performance & Marketing Performance is Revenue.

Olga Vaznichiaia MEA Regional and Digital Director at Clipatize

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