Creating a Massive Evergreen Content Hub for Worksuite

Project Highlights

Clipatize helped Worksuite develop a Country Explorer – a massive online database containing the best hiring practices and legal guidance in nearly 50 countries. The evergreen content will continuously generate leads and drive organic traffic. Visitors will return for critical information over the years to come.

  • Bespoke content advisory & strategy
  • Evergreen content hub creation
  • Nearly 50 countries researched
  • Deep research into verifiable knowledge
  • SEO writing to optimize traffic

b2b content hub

Evergreen Content Made for Long-term Global Performance

Worksuite is a one-stop platform for global companies hiring independent contractors abroad. They make it easy for small and large companies to onboard, manage and pay external workers with hiring and payment services deployed in over 150 countries. Companies rely on their local expertise to attract talent abroad, ensure compliance, and expand their international workforce.

The Challenge: Identify Content Gaps Online

Worksuite wanted a content hub that would position them to expand their scope of services to include the process of hiring employees and contractors abroad. Why not leverage their sophisticated expertise to the wider online audience?

Clipatize first conducted feasibility studies to see how we could differentiate from other hiring solutions online. Our findings indicated that few service providers covered the legal ramifications about hiring ‘Independent Contractors’ worldwide, despite it being a $1.3 trillion industry in the United States alone. We used this gap in the market as an opportunity for content strategy.

Our Strategy: Top-tier Content That Stays Relevant Always

The idea behind WorkSuite’s knowledge base is to provide unique and sophisticated guidance for every stage of cooperation with independent contractors—eliminating risks and headaches, such as receiving fines for conducting business in an improper manner. Our team closely worked with Worksuite's legal department to ensure that the company’s legal guides are relevant and up to date.

We’ve proposed the following aspects of WorkSuite’s content marketing strategy:

  • Layman-understandable content, instead of legal jargon.
  • Curated and verifiable research
  • Batch-approach to deliver a few countries at a time to control cost and resources
  • Clarity and priority of information presented
  • Periodical revision to keep up to date with changing policies
  • SEO optimized keywords
  • Develop copywriting guidelines to ensure brand consistency

b2b marketing agency approach to the content hub development

The Impact: A Massive Database of Content

Clipatize was able to develop content around a critical aspect that many competitors lack: depth of verifiable knowledge. Our team of skilled researchers, diverse language speakers, and content creators meticulously poured over hiring laws in every country. The intricacies of remuneration, benefits, hiring practices, and taxation policies required thorough research, all verified by government sources and legal resources. And mind you, they are not just scratching the surface; they're going deep to uncover some sensitive issues that are frequently overlooked in hiring abroad.

The Outcomes

Worksuite can now better position their brand as an authority resource on global hiring of independent contractors and freelancers. The explorer directory lets users take a deep dive into a country’s specific hiring trends, practices and legal boundaries. In terms of marketing KPIs, the content hub also unlocked a slew of new metrics to measure:

  • Increased backlink generation from other sites
  • Lead generation for target audiences
  • Organic traffic 
  • Repeat visitors seeking legal information
  • SEO optimized keywords
  • Better Google Page Indexing

Explore The Workforce Compliance Guide Online

The client’s positive feedback is what drives us forward. Worksuite engaged with us on future projects as a result of producing top-quality content, providing a recommended approach, and demonstrating deep research expertise. 

We think the world is a better place when knowledge is freely available online, and exploration is a powerful force for brands to capture audiences without directly “selling” any product or service.

Head on over to the Country Explorer on Worksuite to take a look for yourself!

The standout aspect of this project was just how much expertise and adaptability it demanded. We aimed to position our client as an expert in a highly specialised field, which left no space for inaccuracies or vagueness. And did I mention we worked directly with the client's compliance team? With so much crucial info buried in hard-to-crack legal speak or not readily accessible, this project thoroughly tested our research skills, teamwork, and ability to break things down.

Arslan Suleymanov Content writer at Clipatize, PM of Worksuite project

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