Unleashing the Transformative Power of Branding and Web Design in B2B Projects

Today's highly digitised business environment means the web development industry and web design are no longer nice-to-haves, becoming instrumental for B2B brands to gain exposure, reach a broader customer base, increase engagement, and promote their services. Partnering with an agency that boasts a diversified web project portfolio can efficiently maximise your efforts and ensure all the processes are handled smoothly and professionally. An experienced team of digital and creative experts will help you achieve your goals by developing a robust strategy, delivering top-quality creatives, and providing UX, UI, web development, and maintenance services.

Over the years, Clipatize has worked with hundreds of partners from across the world, providing transformative web design and rebranding solutions that have elevated their brand and increased their impact. Our goal is always to deliver results that accurately reflect our client's expertise and history. Here's a snapshot of some of our intriguing projects.


DMCC: Bringing Life to Complex Data


When DMCC approached us with the challenge of showcasing its sustainability agenda on its corporate website, we knew we had a demanding task ahead. The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre is a rapidly growing UAE Free Zone, and sustainability is a key aspect of its business. Our goal was to present complex data in a clear, engaging, and visually compelling manner that would be understandable to expatriates and large investors alike.

Working closely with the client, we created a sustainability subpage from the ground up, using innovative design and interactive elements to convey information effectively. The result was a subpage that effectively communicated DMCC's sustainability agenda and presented complex data in a straightforward way.

Macmillan: Empowering Young Change Makers

Macmillan Education wanted to launch a platform to empower teachers and students to take action and create positive change in their communities through continuous learning and motivation. Clipatize was tasked with creating engaging texts and visuals that would showcase the efforts of young change-makers from around the world. 

We worked hand-in-hand with Macmillan Education to create an educational hub that was both informative and captivating. Thanks to implementing a scrolly-telling approach, we managed to breathe life into the platform and boost its engagement potential. The result was a global village for young learners, featuring content submitted by students and brand heroes that made the learning process exciting.

Sanok Rubber: Revamping the Rubber Industry

With nearly a hundred years of legacy in the rubber industry, Sanok Rubber was in need of a fresh new look to progress into a new phase of operations. Clipatize delivered a cohesive brand image that would help the company stand out in a competitive market, accurately reflecting its values and setting the stage for future growth. We were delighted to help Sanok Rubber rebrand its identity, creating a modern and professional look that accurately reflected the brand's expertise and history.

Website redesign

Castel Frères: Elevating the Brand Through a Fresh Website

Clipatize created a new website for Castel Frères, a wine trading business, to showcase its wine portfolio, Cavignon. The goal was to make the website visually appealing and tied to the company's branding and better position the brand in the Polish market. Clipatize used real-life product images and a dedicated colour palette to create an immersive experience for wine lovers. The website was designed from scratch using only the company's logo as a reference, and it successfully elevated the look and feel of the Castel Frères brand.

website design and development

Branding and web design are no longer just nice-to-haves. These are critical elements for B2B companies to gain exposure, reach a broader customer base, increase engagement, and promote their services. Well-designed materials create a professional image, help build brand trust, and establish a company's credibility in the market.

Weronika Kann Account Manager

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