Links Insurance Brokers Rebranding

Links Insurance Brokers (or LinksIB) is one of the best-known insurance brokers in the UAE. Their unparalleled customer service quality sets it apart from their competition and guarantees customer loyalty with the provision of a variety of insurance and risk management solutions.



The insurance industry is quite standardised; clients make decisions based mainly on price differences, but also looking for trustworthy players. This is how LinksIB knew it was high time to stand out as a modern brand expanding their offering beyond insurance services.
So, in order to appeal to new customers and maintain its market position, LinksIB needed to revive its digital presence and key messages for external communication. 

What we did

Together with LinksIB we listed the priorities for the project. We took a holistic approach revamping the brand’s entire visual identity. We have:

  • Updated the company's logo, typography and brand colours.
  • Created a full brand-book, including the brand’s tone of voice, key messages, and vocabulary.
  • Designed key visuals for the point of service and offices.
  • Developed and launched the new LinksIB website.

Scope 1: Branding - strategic, narrative, and visual elements of the brand

The starting point was to  prepare a brand map to navigate the direction in which we’d wanted to take the new image of LinksIB. By pinpointing the values and ambitions of the company, our dedicated design team was equipped to create the propositions for the logotype and brand colours, describe the personality of the brand, and create the taglines.

Choosing the right narrative for a company that deals with life-rendering topics, such as health and money, was very important. With the right narrative in mind, we were certain that we can make this vast rebranding a success.   


(extract from the LinksIB Brandbook / Logo Color Versions)


(extract from the LinksIB Brandbook / Icons)


Scope 2: A fresh identity for Links Insurance Brokers

To communicate the new branding, we have built a full brand book - which includes guidelines for the future partners of LinksIB on how the brand communicates and how it wants to be perceived.

Scope 3: Visuals for points of sale

Following that, we crafted a variety of business must-haves, such as LinksIB business cards, brochure templates, rollup banners, stickers, posters, and magazines. We also worked on the wall design of the 2 points of sale in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

(extract from the LinksIB Brochure)


Scope 4: The website

We proceeded to design and develop the new website allowing new customers to directly purchase insurance services via the contact form. The friendly UX and technical features* also guarantee an increase in website traffic. (*technical specs: HTML5, responsive, social media integrations, SEO friendly). We used adaptive forms to speed up the process of understanding customer needs and improve customer experience. The website satisfies the needs of both corporate and consumer audiences. Lastly, our role was to maintain the website, manage all security and backup issues as well as its content management system.




(New LinksIB website mockup on iPad and Macbook Pro)


 Discover the new website at

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It was really exciting to redesign the Links Insurance Brokers brand identity from the bottom up! We're thrilled with the results and also, with having had the chance to work with such a dedicated team on the client side!

Jan Kuczyński Creative Director, Clipatize

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