Elevating CyCommSec’s Digital Experience with New Brand & UX Strategies

A compelling website design that aligns the company’s business objectives with audience expectations is at the heart of driving customer engagement. CyCommSec, a prominent leader in the field of cyber resilience and penetration testing, approached us for strategies on how to convey its value proposition better and showcase its achievements on the company’s website.

Through a series of in-depth discussions with the client, we discovered why the company’s website fell short of portraying CyCommSec’s identity to prospective clients. The absence of clear brand guidelines was the core area of improvement. Before redesigning the website, it was necessary to have a clear picture of the customers' needs and how CyCommSec’s solutions address them.

Brand Strategy

We revisited the company’s brand strategy, identity, and overall marketing perspective to ensure consistency, setting the stage for ensuring a user experience that resonated with the customers’ expectations. The goal was to ensure that first-time visitors immediately understand what's offered, grasp the potential benefits, and feel compelled to engage further rather than turning to competitors. Adopting the end user's viewpoint, we crafted wireframes and content that would strike a chord with distinct customer personas.


We needed to shift the client's approach from a self-focused "The website is about us" to a user-centric "What's in it for me? How can this help?" mindset.


Our initial move was to develop a brand identity playbook, a comprehensive guide that encompassed the following elements:

  • Brand’s philosophy, mission, and vision
  • Customer personas and user journey maps
  • Communication guidelines
  • Value proposition


User Experience

Client workshops revealed that CyCommSec's website needed to cater to the needs of both C-suite executives and IT professionals, just like the company’s solutions do. With the brand narrative in hand, we could then proceed to outline the website's structure. Our objective was to ensure that CyCommSec's website addresses the same concerns as the brand itself does.



A pivotal aspect of our website redesign strategy was constructing a detailed sitemap. This step was essential for delineating the page structure and information flow, which in turn was key to plotting the user paths for each distinct segment of the website's audience. By this phase, the client was fully apprised of every page, content piece, and their interconnections.

Once we established the sitemap and content strategy, we moved on to crafting UX wireframes. This step was crucial for determining the content hierarchy on each page. Wireframing, a highly collaborative effort, provided CyCommSec's team with a clear blueprint of the site's layout, message placement, and facilitated swift joint iterations to optimise user flow.



Closing thoughts

Creating a website that not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also upholds a high standard of customer satisfaction hinges on coherence between brand core and design. With the client's input, Clipatize built a solid brand identity for CyCommSec, creating a robust website structure and intuitive UX wireframes. This has synchronised CyCommSec’s online presence with the company’s core values, vision, and unique selling points.

It is important to emphasise that the workshop approach should never be seen as unnecessarily prolonging the project. Instead, it provides a structured and collaborative process, enabling businesses to build a robust brand foundation. By involving stakeholders, gaining comprehensive insights, fostering alignment, and promoting iterative refinement, workshops help build a compelling and resonant brand identity, seamlessly extending into website development and beyond

Weronika Kann Digital Experiences Manager

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