Food for Thought: How We Collected Over 80+ Business Leads and Continue to Collect More

Join us as we explore how our work with leading aviation company, dnata, helped them to create innovative campaigns and drive B2B results.

dnata is one of the world’s largest air services providers. Since 1959, they’ve worked hard to achieve excellence in ground and cargo handling, inflight catering and travel services. Over the years, dnata has become an industry leader and now has more than 40,000 employees worldwide and operates in 86 countries across six continents.

dnata’s Mission to Build Brand Awareness & Better Engage with Customers

Maintaining a consistent growth strategy requires keeping up with the times and finding new ways to reach and engage with potential customers.

dnata came to us as they wanted a different marketing approach – an approach that would enhance awareness about their services and highlight their experience in global inflight catering and onboard retail programs.

As part of this overarching objective, dnata also wanted a new way to engage with their audiences and source business leads.

Our Unique ‘Clipatize’ Approach

To fulfill this brief and address dnata’s problem, we proposed a content marketing platform that would drive B2B leads, educate customers and have a lasting impact on the company’s ROI.

And, so, Food for Thought was born.

Food for Thought is an online content hub, covering inflight retail and catering trends, news and industry expertise through quality articles, videos and graphics.

We took an active role in the project and managed everything from project and lead management strategy to overall project management. The Clipatize team provided media briefing, developed advertising formats and reported on final results, too.

Once leads were collected, we ensured they were properly nurtured and matured through email marketing and social media remarketing activities.

Food for Thought was designed with the intention of:

  • Highlighting dnata’s services through relevant content
  • Increasing dnata’s exposure and media coverage
  • Collecting qualitative insights on platform visitors and potential customers
  • Generating leads in the form of email and user identification
  • Building brand loyalty

As our Food for Thought project in ongoing, we expect to see even more great results. Though, we think you could call this a job well done!

Food for Thought: Inflight Retail Today and Tomorrow

Our Food for Thought platform featured many thought leadership articles, which aim to create interesting conversations and spur potential customers to think about industry trends or topics.

Creating thought-provoking and informative content allowed us to establish dnata as a voice in the industry as well as a knowledgeable and trusted partner.

Once the articles were ready, we published them on LinkedIn as well as the Food for Thought platform. These articles were read by thousands of site visitors and received high engagement rates on LinkedIn, the B2B social media platform of choice.

How We Helped dnata Reach New Heights.

Our innovative approach, using a combination of thought leadership and mixed marketing, allowed dnata to connect with current and potential customers in a new, more meaningful way. By building such positive relationships, our campaign directly impacted dnata’s bottom line and triggered a direct return on investment.

Chiefly, our overall long-term strategic aim was to make sure customers worldwide, especially decision makers in passenger airlines, understood dnata’s retail skills and how dnata could help them to provide better traveller experiences.

We also wanted to generate demand for the Buy on Board product line, cement dnata’s place as the brand of choice and ultimately create business opportunities.

So far, we’ve seen some impressive results:

  • We’ve collected more than 80 quality B2B leads
  • We’ve helped dnata connect with leading aviation companies like Virgin Australia, Emirates, Cabin Services Australia, All Nippon Airways, or Vietnam Airlines.
  • Our Food for Thought content has received over 25000 views on LinkedIn
  • Our Food for Thought platform has attracted more than 1500 visitors from the targeted audience

“Acquisition of the new leads resulted from the combination of different marketing approaches.
Ongoing insight collection and delivery of meaningful content was the secret sauce in a process of building relationships with the customers online. ”

Kirill Grechko Marketing Project Manager

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