A full service perspective on digital communications for Dubai Airports

In the light of its vision to become the best airport company in the world and to support the Dubai Vision 2021, the Dubai Airport is today one of the most dynamic airport company in the world. We are very happy to have been a partner for digital content since 2016, and to have taken part in some strategic projects for the brand. 

Corporate communication

Our collaboration with Dubai Airports has started from the production of video content for corporate communications and projects which touch closely on strategic organisational decisions. We've managed to produce easy-to-understand narratives around complex topics like how to successfully measure customer experience at the airport, or the introduction of a new values framework for the whole organisation. Also, we were commissioned to help achieve cross-departments alignment in the light of the adoption of new software solutions, through videos which are less techy, but human and attractive.

  • production of complex video content (character animation, 2.5D animation) 
  • corporate communications based on storytelling 
  • innovation: various formats and a new tone of voice 


dubai airports video animation agency poland clipatize dubai production strategy storytelling

Scene from a corporate video for Dubai Airports (March 2017)

Passenger communication and social media

Furthermore, we tapped into passenger communication to build a brand voice which is friendly, modern and truly international. For this purpose, we create micro-content for social media, which is used in ongoing communication, but also plan and execute Content Optimisation Strategies, to periodically validate our assumptions about the profile of the brand followers and their needs. 



Greeting Videos 

We created a series of 6 micro-animations in a unique illustrative style, which sets Dubai Airports apart on social media. Here's a sneak peek: 



Social Videos (informative content) 

We really enjoy working with a partner who is committed to innovation in every aspect of their business. Here is an example of a new passenger seating concept; our job was to create the story around the concept, and produce this short video which presents the proof of concept - and also invites viewers to share their opinion on it. 




We've just launched a new series of videos called #3reasons with a high shareability potential, to increase the organic reach of the ongoing communications of the brand in social media. Get the look&feel here and watch more on the Dubai International fanpage on Facebook. 

Strategic social media projects

Another example of our work are strategic social media projects, where we text assumptions about the followers base of the brand. Due to its geographic position and the large number of passengers, which goes up to 8 million/ month in 2017, the Dubai Airports is striving to establish itself as an "go-to" airport, a destination in itself and is actively inviting its layout passengers to chose Dubai as their final travel destination.

We carried out experiments on Facebook, to test which formats and which storylines (topics) triggered a bigger engagement rate. This allows the digital team at the Dubai Airports to deliver content which is relevant to its follower base, and has the potential to become viral. As a result of our analysis, we identified such content to be the winner (content piece from a FB experiment in December 2016).   

Clipatize helped us to simplify the messaging around a complex process of organisational change here at Dubai Airports. They produced an engaging video that explains this process, engendering a positive attitude towards that change. As a result, we value their creativity and process clarity and look forward to working with them on future projects.

Matthew Horobin Director of Brand and Digital, Dubai Airports

Similar Projects

And here's to exciting new projects!

As our collaboration grows in time, so does our commitment to support the Dubai Airports in passenger activation campaigns and ambitious digitalisation projects to help them achieve their goal to becoming the best airport company in the world! We'll keep you posted on our blog

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