How to make 2 million millenials stop and stare at the new SONY Xperia XZ!

Brands fight for every second of their customers' attention in the digital world. We’re proud to have made them stop and stare at the new SONY Xperia XZ!

Our client came to us for a "real thumb-stopper": premium visuals, culturally agnostic,  social media video to be deployed in multiple countries! We said “challenge accepted!” and got down to work! 

The result? Our video content was watched by 2million viewers in just 2 weeks in Egypt and KSA, UAE, Turkey and South Africa! In terms of ROI, cost per completed view was up to six times lower than ongoing video content performance. Here's the look and feel of the video and scroll down to read the story.  

In a nutshell.

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SONY Xperia XZ is a premium smartphone. From product design and packaging to technical features and usability, every detail was crafted to make sure that SONY catches the attention of the higher-end spenders on tech & gadgets. 

How we worked.

We’ve experimented with various concepts to find solutions which make the content noticed form the very first second. The winning idea was: don't let the screen separate the audience from the product. We used a fake 3D effect called split screen, which we know (and love) from viral GIFs, to make real photos come out of the screen.  

clipatize agency sony mobile 3d effect social media split screen effect video animation content marketing

We used real photos taken by influencers using Sony Xperia XZ from various countries, and created an immersive video experience. Combined with the bite-sized video length, the content catches our attention from the very second (thanks, autoplay!) and truly stands out in the newsfeed. 

Results? Yes, sir!

The content was tested and deployed in KSA, UAE, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa in Facebook and Instagram campaigns. "Cost per completed view was up to six times lower than ongoing performance" says Nicolas Fidry, Digital Lead at SONY Mobile MEA. 

We're thrilled to see that the thumb-stopper really had millions of people stop, watch and share! 

This first piece of content has strongly demonstrated that using innovative and visually impactful Social Mobile content delivers stronger results and ROI across multiple countries. This successful pilot has now become an ongoing project with Clipatize. 

Nicolas Fidry SONY MOBILE MEA Digital Lead

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