Video campaign for the launch of the intelligent sleep mask by Neuroon

This year we've had the pleasure to work with Neuroon - one of the hottest Polish start-ups out there at the moment. Wearables, Human Enhancement Technologies, huge Kickstarter success - that’s Neuroon in a nutshell - and they're launching the intelligent sleep mask which adapts your biorhythm to your lifestyle. Get the scoop into how we cooperated and find the videos in this case study. 

It's complicated ..
so it needs get more simple.

Neuroon's playing on a very competitive market: wearables, tracking applications and devices are booming  ... so it's quite difficult to gain and secure market share. On top of that, Neuroon's sleep mask may be perceived as just another sleep tracking mask - which is inherently wrong.

The innovation behind Neuroon lies in the bright-light therapy (BLT), which means the mask uses light (that's right, there's light beams inside the mask) to adapt your biorhythm to your sleeping schedule. It's complicated, so we loved it. 

NeuroOn Mask explanatory video(The Neuroon Mask - Scene from the video)

Explainer video and short tutorials for the product launch

We proposed to Neuroon a pack of video content to accompany their digital communications throughout the product launch phase. First, a 60 seconds explainer video - long enough to present the features and benefits of the mask, and short enough to be shareable. Then, a set of 5 mini-videos as practical tutorials, in the same style of the main vid. 

The explainer video 

The whole team was thrilled to work on a life footage video! As most of our explainers are animations, this project brought that fresh breeze in our lives (and portfolio ...).

NeuroOn Mask screenshot from video 1

NeuroOn Mask screenshot from video 2

(Scenes from the explainer video for Neuroon)

The mini-video tutorials 

The founders of Neuroon knew that the product brochure is not enough to help new customers get started and make the most out of the intelligent sleeping mask. Together with them, we identified 5 user scenarios where users may need help with and created a series of 5 independent mini-videos with a duration of 30-40 seconds, which can be accessed on the website and on the youtube channel and of course, in social media:

  • Getting started and Falling asleep with Neuroon
  • Waking up with Neuroon
  • Energy Boost 
  • Jet Lag Blocker 
  • Biorhythm Adjuster 

To produce the 6 videos, we worked on set for 2 days: 3 locations, 3 actors, 2 representatives of the client, our professional production team and creative director. During the post-production phase, we added CGI (computer generated imagery) to show how the mask works together with the smartphone app and add the tech look & feel. The videos were also localised for 2 languages: English and Japan! We had a blast! 

"Amazing video, guys!"

We're in love with how rich the visuals are in this video! The full production took place here in our hometown Warsaw /Poland , and it's pretty exciting to know that it will travel around the world! Chapeau-bas to the whole production team! 


Thanks Clipatize for helping us find the perfect messaging and creating great visuals for Neuroon! Neuroon is a real breakthrough on the wearables market, and now we also have a great launch video, which will travel around the world!

Dagna Frydrych Communications Manager, Inteliclinic / Neuroon

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