Philips Continuum of Care - Introducing a new approach to healthcare

Philips is a true innovation power-house, delivering solutions to multiple sectors all over the globe. What has helped Philips become such a strong player globally is not only their immense potential to innovate, but also their strong brand personality, which has been positively resonating with consumers for more than a century.

To visualise their strategic approach to a holistic innovation in healthcare, we've worked together to produce explanatory content for their new approach called "Continuum of Care". Find out how we worked and get some scoop from behind the scenes of our collaboration! 

Company vision: to be a strategic partner for healthcare.

This was the first time we had been approached by Philips Healthcare Poland to help them with strategic B2B communications content. During the first briefing session, we found out about the company vision related to their impact on healthcare innovation and their new holistic approach on that.

Philips bridges the gap between the challenge of the ageing population and the investment potential of healthcare systems, which have to anticipate and satisfy those needs.

  • Marketing Goal: To position the Philips brand as a partner for healthcare innovation among healthcare decision makers: care providers, hospital managers and governmental representatives.
  • Business Goal: To identify and establish contact to new business leads (persons): healthcare providers from the European countries interested in medical software and hardware

Healthcare content marketing: infographic brochure, animated explainer video and interactive landing page.

The idea behind Continuum of Care is to deliver innovative solutions and products for every stage of healthcare, introduce a more holistic approach in healthcare - and thus solve the problem of the increasingly unsustainable healthcare systems we have today around the world. Our job was to explain all that and create attractive content for the target audience (health care providers, hospital managers and government representatives).

A first step was to research and understand what are the stages of healthcare, to be able to identify system challenges and potential benefits at every stage: prevention, diagnosis, treatment, recovery, wellbeing. 



Then, we designed the key visual - the leading element which is common throughout the communication related to Continuum of Care. We worked in line with the Philips corporate branding guidelines to make sure the brand identity stays strong. The illustration of the hands supporting the cirle of healthcare contains the idea behind the Continuum of Care. 

Philips Continuum of Care - stages 2

(scene from the video: the Key Visual Element for Continuum of Care - Philips Healthcare)  



We created a 4-page infographic brochure, designed around the key visual of the Continuum of Care. We used an infographic technique which is common in the start-up world, to differentiate from the high-level corporate style, which the audience is already used to.

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We started with identifying the challenges and pains of healthcare systems, and continued with presenting the solution and benefits of the Continuum of Care approach. The last page is a real “Reason to Believe” or, “Unique Value Proposition” claim, as it proves that Philips has the background and resources to implement the approach.



The core of the project is the animated explainer video. After all, we speak video best. We combined 2D and 3D motion graphics elements to create what is the Video of the Year in our portfolio (considering all the thumbs-ups we gathered since the launch).



The final step was to find way to create a digital tool which presents the concept of Continuum of Care. We decided to develop a micro-site which works as an interactive online presentation, allowing page visitors to click through the healthcare stages encompassed by CoC and leave their contact data in case they are interested to learn more.

Technically, this means a landing page (micro website) with responsive features (optimised for desktop, mobile and tablet) and modern UX. Watch the video below to get the look and feel of the micro-site. 

Video at the core
of digital communications!

We're extremely happy with the final results - and we've been receiving many congratulations on this one!

Actually, we have a lot of new friends due to this video - in Poland and abroad, and we've become used to getting a lot of "The Philips video, please!" as  reference for new projects at Clipatize. See it also on Vimeo and hit the like button! 


Clipatize brings in video marketing expertise, creativity, and delivers expected results timely and within agreed budget.

Oana Dominica Penu Head of Governmental Affairs, European Affairs Office, Philips CEE

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