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Midjourney Content Creation

Neurality, AI-driven SaMD (Software as a Medical Device) startup shaping the future of hearing diagnostics, needed to demonstrate the value and potential of its product online. 

We delivered a sleek, intuitive, and SEO-optimised startup website that pitched a demo of Neurality’s AI-powered ABR testing solution to diverse segments of the healthcare audience.

Medical Startup UX and UI

We revitalised Neurality's digital presence with a Webflow-based startup website designed to meet the diverse needs of audiologists, healthcare providers, and hearing aid companies. The page also caters to educational institutions and investors, matching audience needs with the benefits of Neurality’s high-precision technology.

Medical Startup Brand Identity

Brand Refresh

To ensure design consistency and quality, we refreshed the company’s logo and upgraded the visual identity, defining imagery use guidelines to create a new brand manual.


Website Structure

Our UX wireframes defined the website layout, navigation, and user journeys, building a foundation for the design and content.


Design and Content Creation

We used Figma to design a responsive and coherent website, filling it with SEO-optimised industry content to ensure a valuable website experience.


Webflow Development

To enable client edits as the startup grows, we chose a user-friendly Webflow template, enhanced with custom design, and developed an intuitive and modern website:

Medical Startup Website Development

An intuitive and responsive website is crucial for startups looking to increase product awareness and attract investment. Webflow, with its speed, ease of use, and design versatility, is an excellent choice for businesses seeking to establish a strong digital presence. Our client's ability to easily edit and modify their website was a primary factor in choosing the tool for this project. We helped our client to unleash the full potential of their marketing efforts.

Weronika Kann Digital Experiences Manager at Clipatize

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