Medical lead generation campaign for Woerwag Pharma Poland.

Campaign starting point

Woerwag Pharma is a German pharma&medical company with 12 offices across the globe. We had a chance to work with the Polish branch on a lead generation campaign targeted at general practitioners (GPs), which would boost sales of their new RX drug against diabetic neuropathy. 

The challenges

Diabetic neuropathy is a disease which can be diagnosed during its early stage by GPs during the regular visits. Woerwag Pharma developed an RX drug for neuropathy treatment, but the general awareness about the early diagnosis of the disease, like identification procedures and early treatment, is rather low. So together with the marketing and sales team from the client side, we identified 2 challenges: 

  • Marketing chaos in the pharma industry: Due to the legal restrictions regarding the promotion of pharma products (and especially RX drugs), doctors and medical professionals are often subject to very pushy sales campaigns. W wanted to make sure this campaign attracts doctors in a content-marketing way: by providing them information which is useful and wrapped in bite-sized chunks (soft-sell technique).
  • Low subject awareness: Woerwag Pharma wants to empower GPs and raise the awareness about the importance of early diagnosis of diabetic neuropathy and treatment possibilities. 

To reach the GPs and get their attention, we assessed various communication channels and content formats which would perform best. We started with a competitors' analysis and discovered that pharma & medical companies use mostly offline traditional promotional tactics (brochures, face to face promotions, events etc), but digital marketing in pharma is on the rise. 

The campaign steps.
How we worked

We wanted this campaign to stand out in the promotional chaos - so we decided to take a content marketing approach, based on explanation.

The main outcome is a lead-generating landing page, which engages the visitors (doctors and patients see two different versions of the website) to consume the educational content about diabetic neuropathy (symptoms, diagnosis techniques, treatment, clinical trials results, drug recommendation - RX drug) and to leave their contact details if they are interested in being contacted by the pharma company.


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Project Roadmap.  

In a nutshell, this is how we worked: 

1. We started with producing an educational video animation targeted at GPs, about neuropathy and the drug produced by Woerwag Pharma. The video is a patient-centric story and it's seasoned with stats, symptoms, diagnosis methods, clinical trial results etc.

Clue: rather than focusing merely on the product (RX drug), we wanted the content to be valuable and educational - in order to build trust among the GPs. The video script was the conceptual starting point for the interactive landing page (responsive, interactive, with contact form). 

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2. The video was then used in the the sales communication by 60 medical representatives in Poland, in discussions with doctors, pharmacists and during seminars in hospitals - the reception of the video was very positive, and the GPs appreciated the educative tone of the video.


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3. Next step - we planned and carried out a mailing campaign - sending an introductory email to almost 30 thousand GPs in Poland, encouraging them visit dedicated landing page, which replicates the messaging, tone and style of the video and gives more detailed information, as well as the possibility to contact a sales agent of Woerwag. 

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4. What's more, on the the landing page we built in a contact form which generates new leads (GPs, healthcare providers) for our client. How? To encourage page visitors to leave their contact data (which qualified them as interested in the drug), they can download a free brochure (PDF) about diabetic neuropathy.

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5. During the campaign, we deployed analytical tools to track KPIs like numbers of visits, time spent and depth of visit to check content and messaging which performed best. 

Campaign results

This was the very first content marketing project for the pharma company - so as an agency, we had the pleasure to lead them through the process and show them some good results at the end. We believe these 2 factors played the most important roles in achieving the goals of the campaign:

1. A simple campaign architecture based on clear lead acquisition channels and a small number of conversion spots bring best results for short-term campaigns.  


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2. Digital, interactive content performs very well with "demanding" target audiences like medical professionals, who don't have time to digest long formats. 

The client was also excited about being able to use the content we developed for this campaign for new purposes and across other channels (social media, display advertising, video marketing, traditional mail etc). 


*This version contains no branding, drug information and a different call-to-action than the original landing page targeted towards GPs.

Ever since we started working with Woerwag Pharma, we have seen the positive results of employing an explanatory approach to communications - especially in the pharma industry! We help our client reach their business goals by educating their own clients, and it works!

Jakub (Kuba) Lebuda Founder and CEO, Clipatize

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