WorldCare - Explaining Healthcare Services Globally with Video

The WolrdCare brand is a real global player, providing healthcare services including management and consulting services in North America & Canada, Latin America, Europe and Asia. 

The Challenges: Complex Service + Geographic Diversity

With such a geographical diversity, their #1 marketing and communication challenge is to create a consistent brand style and voice, which appeals cross-culturally. Furthermore, another challenge is related to explaining what they do. Second Opinion is one of the many services provided by WolrdCare, but has a strategic importance: WolrdCare connects patients to medical experts from some of the world’s top academic medical centres, in order to help them receive independent second opinions on their medical diagnosis.  

Project goals

Our role was to help WolrdCare with smart and outstanding digital communications solutions - more precisely to plan and produce a video campaign which educates viewers about the Second Opinion service, is in line with the corporate branding guidelines and works with audiences from all over the globe.

The creative process

Our video marketing strategists worked together with the WorldCare executives throughout the project. Here are some lessons learned and practical advices on how to combine education, promotion and storytelling practices and produce an awesome video campaign!


  • Buyer Personas

Know the people you want to reach! First, decide who do you target. Then, do your research and learn about their specific behavioural and aspirational traits.

Developing the creative concept: Focus on #human. We built the story around a young woman, who is shown in her every-day life context (mother of 2, wife) and who is the patient which needs a second opinion on her diagnosis. Employ key emotions, like empathy. Emotions play a very important role in videos, as they strike a connection with the viewer which goes beyond rational understanding, and has a stronger and more long-lasting impact.   

Worldcare second opinion video compare of storyboard and video


  • Explain benefits, not just features!

Make it a priority to explain to the viewers what are the benefits of your solution. Avoid talking only about features!

Video for education - education is an important goal of the video. We made sure that the benefits and the solution are clearly explained we also employed a storytelling technique, so that viewers can identify with the character in the video. Undoubtedly, the choice of music plays a role in how the story is perceived. We went for a track which conveys hope, but keeps a professional feel.

 Worldcare compare of storyboard and video 2


  • Build trust

Build trust. Build trust. Build trust. This is the key to converting users into leads and eventually customers. How? Showcase your expertise: Trust in physicians is an important factor in medical treatment, but the Second Opinion service is important because 1 out of 12 adults are wrongly diagnosed, which is a real threat to this trust. We chose to build trust among the viewers by visualising the number of physicians, they have access to via the Second Opinion network, and showing the logos of the leading institutions where they practice.

Wolrdcare study case video - number of specialists


Worldcare case study institutions


In line with brand guidelines: When working with global players, keeping a consistent brand style and voice is crucial for campaign impact. We made sure that the video fits perfectly in the style of the corporate website and presentation style.


  • Be accessible!

Viewers will ask themselves if your solution is within their reach or not. Make them understand that it is. The choice of animation technique is key here: we went for character animation combined with 2D motion graphics - the cartoony and simplistic visuals convey the message that the solutions provided by WolrdCare are accessible for everyone. Content localisation: For the global player we created a visual style which works cross-culturally, and also localized the content for 10 countries.

Worldcare case study - comparing storyboard and video 3


  • Call to Action

Use the moment of truth and stimulate viewers with a solid Call to Action!

Your CTA must be clear and simple: Once you know what you expect from the viewer, find the right way and moment to communicate. Usually, the CTA is located at the very end of the material (video). In the WorldCare video, we took an unusual approach, and incorporated the CTA into the story, after explaining why their service is important and explaining what it is.

Proud of our achievements

The WolrdCare - Second Opinion video received a very positive feedback globally, and also won a Gold Award during the AsterAwards 2016 - Recognising Excellence in Medical Marketing, in the Category Healthcare services. Way to go!



"The project was complicated by the fact that we needed to produce the videos in several languages and make changes individually, in order to meet each countries' local demands both linguistically and culturally. As a result of all your efforts we ended with very nice videos, delighted clients and compliments from all who saw them."

Samir Bouri Senior Vice President and Regional Manager, WolrdCare

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