Building Product Awareness and Acing Partner Marketing for Microsoft Poland

We helped Microsoft’s partners to roll out a digital marketing project for increasing the awareness of cloud-driven ERP solutions among small and medium enterprises.

Project highlights:

Impressions of the case study pages.
Generated leads.
Webinar participants.

A global leader in digital transformation

Microsoft is a leading IT organisation whose most popular product, the Windows operating system, is used by more than 1.5 billion people worldwide. The company assists businesses in their paths to digital transformation thanks to a rich array of specialised tools.

Headquartered in Warsaw, Microsoft Poland coordinates R&D activities, as well as sales and marketing campaigns on the local market. Its network of partners serves as a critical B2B sales channel. That's why the company engages in building and developing relationships with resellers, distributors, and implementation companies.

Enhancing partner sales with digital marketing

Microsoft Poland has an excellent track record of cooperating with enterprise partners, serving companies with over 250 employees and an annual turnover of EUR 50 million. Since small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) constitute even 99.8% of all Polish companies, Microsoft Poland has focused on targeting them in its global sales strategy.

Previously, we helped Microsoft pilot a campaign targeting small- and mid-sized accounting companies and law firms to promote Microsoft 365. 

The initiative described in this case study is yet another partner activation project we helped to carry out. This time we aimed at engaging SMEs with Microsoft's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) product–and specifically focusing on the e-commerce and accounting sectors.



Communicating the value of ERP systems

Our process

We started with thorough research to build customer insight that would serve as a foundation for planning the strategy. All selected tactics addressed the behaviour patterns of customers of Microsoft’s partners.

Decision-makers in the e-commerce and accounting sectors often come from business departments. That’s why they may not be fully aware of available solutions and require some education before contacting the vendor.

When working on the concept, we built on previous experiences of targeting business audiences with IT products and services. In the case of Fujitsu, publications and webinars organised with media partners proved to be a winning strategy, so we decided to use it again.

Project assets

We created a campaign informing the target audiences about the value of two Azure-driven ERP solutions. Our goal was to identify, educate, and convert prospects into leads through participation in a webinar and online consultation services.

The core idea of the campaign messaging was to present Microsoft partners as providers of robust ERP solutions thanks to their reliance on Azure.

Key project assets included sponsored articles in business magazines, case studies published on partner websites and shared on social networks, and promotion of two educational webinars carried out by Microsoft’s experts and partners.


Sponsored articles

We prepared and published two sponsored articles in high-quality publications such as the MIT Sloan Management Review Poland and Puls Biznesu. The features offered expert insights on the rise of cloud technologies in e-commerce and the relevance of cloud-based solutions for accounting businesses.

Case studies

We published two case studies demonstrating the value of cloud-based solutions for e-commerce and accounting services companies on partner websites. We then carried out a promotional campaign using the partners’ Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


The selected partners–two IT companies–have a considerable amount of knowledge and experience in delivering Microsoft’s cloud-based ERP solutions for SMEs. To capitalise on their insights and educate prospects, we organised two webinars exploring the potential of cloud solutions. We were supported by MIT Sloan Management Review Poland and the ICAN Institute.

A social media campaign preceded and followed the webinar, using Facebook and LinkedIn ads to expand their reach.

We also created two promotional animations to be shared on social networks.


Technology marketing at its best

Our social media campaigns for the partner case studies and webinars generated outstanding results measured in impressions, clicks, and participation in webinars. 

We succeeded in helping Microsoft’s partners to build awareness of cloud-based ERP solutions among SMEs in the e-commerce and accounting services sectors.

"Target audiences of this project don’t usually look for such solutions proactively, so we decided that benefit-driven communication might be too vague. 

Instead, we opted for messaging that addressed the broader context of challenges facing these audiences–to trigger their curiosity, drive webinar registrations, and encourage individual consultations."

Magda Choda Account Manager

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