Boosting Microsoft’s Channel Sales with a Technology Marketing Campaign

We helped Microsoft’s partners to roll out a digital marketing project for increasing the awareness of cloud-driven ERP solutions among small and medium enterprises.

Project highlights:

Technology marketing
with a focus on partner sales.
content marketing formats
  Main target:
small and mid-sized accounting firms.

Leader of the IT industry

Known for the Windows operating system and the Office suite of tools, Microsoft is a multinational technology company with an established presence across every continent in the world.

Headquartered in Warsaw, the Polish branch of Microsoft coordinates R&D activities as well as sales and marketing campaigns for the brand.

The partner network is the most critical B2B sales channel for Microsoft Poland. That is why the company actively invests in building stronger relationships with its partners, who range from resellers and distributors to companies specialising in implementing Microsoft’s solutions.

Transforming small and mid-sized businesses

Microsoft has an excellent track record in launching numerous successful projects with enterprise partners employing 250+ staff and registering an annual turnover of EUR 50+ million.

Although small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make up over 99% of all Polish companies, Microsoft Poland has only begun to target this sector individually in its global sales strategy.

The company decided to pilot a marketing campaign aimed at small and medium-sized businesses as the first step towards crafting a proposal for micro-segments. The campaign looked to engage accounting firms.




Helping Microsoft ace partner marketing

Our process

We always begin projects by deepening our understanding of the target audience’s needs and building insight. 

To this end, we designed and conducted interviews with the owners of accounting from small, medium, and large cities in Poland. 

We then presented the results of research with unique value propositions to be used during the campaign.

Key project elements

Once equipped with customer insight, we moved on to develop the concept of the campaign, focusing on personas, key messages, and visual elements.

Our team chose optimal formats for the goals and then started producing the content to support Microsoft Partners.

Communication strategy

We developed a communication strategy based on the storytelling method, with a rich visual layer, and short, memorable texts.

Our main concept consisted of building a narrative based on three types of accountants, each corresponding with different degrees of digital maturity among accounting firms.


Content targeting Microsoft Partners

We created content to encourage the company's partners to actively target the owners of accounting firms.

Email communication & Partner's guide

The message included the option to download related marketing assets.

Partner booklet compiled information on the accounting services market in Poland and instructions on how to carry out a marketing campaign. It also included tips on communicating the value proposition of Microsoft 365 during conversations with potential clients.


Content targeting end-users

We equipped Microsoft Partners with an email template that encourages their clients to visit the campaign landing page and assess their digital maturity.

Landing page and ebook

When visiting the landing page, users can download an ebook presenting new trends in the accounting industry. It also shows potential improvements from implementing Microsoft solutions and encourages contact with the partner.


Social media posts

To boost the campaign, Microsoft Partners also received a set of posts for their social media channels. They both directed to the landing page and materials for retargeting.


Header banner

We also delivered a header banner Microsoft Partners could use on their website as part of the campaign promotion.

Reaping the benefits

Thanks to the assets, Microsoft completed a pilot project with partners working with accounting firms. They received tools and ready-made materials helpful in conducting campaigns focused on the Microsoft ecosystem. 

The pilot inspired Microsoft Poland to start engaging other sectors. For example, we later helped the company to engage its partners in increasing the awareness of cloud-driven ERP solutions among small and medium enterprises.

“When creating content for this campaign, our team assumed the perspective of its end users - the owners and managers of accounting firms. 

This approach allowed us to create value in two ways: by using the right style of communication and by grounding our messages on well-defined use cases, which address the needs and pain points of this target group.”


Magda Choda Account Manager

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