Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy to Boost Brand Awareness and Sales of HVAC Solutions on the US and EMEA Markets.

Read how our integrated digital marketing strategy boosted brand awareness, B2B lead generation, and sales of HVAC products across multiple target markets.  

Project highlights:


84% increase
in the number of searches in target markets

  205% increase
 in website page views
  Marketing for mechanical engineering  (HVAC)

Innovating HVAC energy recovery systems

Swiss Rotors produces HVAC energy and heat recovery solutions. The company has digitally transformed a substantial part of its manufacturing processes and can now offer top-quality HVAC products at affordable prices.

With production lines on three continents, Swiss Rotors boasts a two-week lead time. The company is also committed to delivering energy-saving solutions with as little impact on the planet as possible.

Increasing HVAC market share and rolling out new products

One of Swiss Rotors’ priorities for 2020 was to increase its brand awareness and stimulate demand among all customer segments across the USA, European Union, and UAE.

While the company had started different marketing initiatives, it sought support in formulating and executing an integrated global digital marketing strategy.

Swiss Rotors aimed to promote its key offering – mostly energy recovery wheels and counterflow heat exchangers – across all major sales and marketing channels. The company was also planning several new product launches in 2020 and sought support in its communication and marketing operations.

Creating and executing an integrated digital marketing strategy

Working hand in hand with the client, we defined core goals for the entire year.

Our team considered both the short and long-term perspectives by addressing the most immediate needs of selected intent audiences and building brand preference.

We translated these approaches to the following marketing objectives:

  • Improve brand recognition – measured by the total reach and increase in brand searches.
  • Grow demand for energy recovery – gauged by the increase of category searches and content engagement.
  • Generate more sales opportunities – quantified by the number of inquiries and leads coming from all channels.


Six pillars of integrated digital marketing

We used these insights to propose a complete marketing ecosystem consisting of six key pillars.

  • Targeted digital campaigns;
  • Social selling and thought-leadership;
  • Brand communication on social media;
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO);
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM);
  • Digital Public Relations (DPR).


Paid digital campaigns

Digital marketing campaigns can deliver targeted leads fast, so this was one of the cornerstones of our strategy.

After a careful analysis of our client's needs, we devised a strategy to reach new defined audiences and achieve specified communications and conversion goals.

These activities focused on three main target groups: investors, contractors, and engineering and design consultants. We decided to use geographic, demographic, and contextual targeting.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) & PR

Organic traffic is an important marketing channel because it brings targeted visits. Users landing on the website from a search engine results page (SERP) usually have a specific intent. If the website provides them with a solution, they are more likely to convert.

SEO activities and strengthening are intrinsically linked with content development. Starting with keyword research, we created a keyword strategy and planned on-page and off-page activities geared toward building up our client’s domain authority.

Our team researched and created a series of extended educational posts for our client’s blog. We decided on this approach because how our client's competitors present their HVAC solutions rarely goes beyond dry technical details. The content we produced discussed relevant topics from a business perspective, more on par with the information needs of all target audiences.

Our team also established a partnership with one of the most prominent HVAC industry media platforms in the USA. Content published on its website helped spread the word about Swiss Rotors' products among target audiences and built valuable backlinks.    

84% increase
in the number of searches in target markets

  205% increase
 in website page views
  69% increase
 in the number of visits to the products section


Social selling

With over 722 mln members, LinkedIn is the most important B2B social platform.

Publications on personal profiles of the company’s executives and managers tend to create more engagement than posts published on the brand’s page on LinkedIn. They also add to the expert image of the organisation’s representatives, boost top-of-mind awareness, bring inbound inquiries, and increase sales opportunities.

We devised a social selling programme engaging selected sales representatives and subject-matter experts. Thanks to our training and regular content deliveries, they polished up their profiles and started to regularly publish thought-leadership updates and articles.

We monitored the results and regularly mentored the participants, providing them with space and conditions to build business relationships with their LinkedIn prospects.

Brand communication on social media

Regular brand communication on social media is essential for building credibility, nurturing existing audiences, and acquiring and engaging new followers.

Our communication strategy was two-pronged. First, it involved expert content, in which we covered the most pressing challenges in the HVAC industry. Second, it also encompassed other related news and causes, such as earth conservation, sustainability, youth education in which Swiss Rotors was getting engaged during the year.     




Spreading the word about HVAC innovations

Many HVAC companies keep investing in traditional marketing methods, while Gartner predicts that by 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels.

Swiss Rotors made a bold move to the world of digital marketing as one of the first in its vertical. This approach proved successful also because of the pandemic outbreak amidst the programme.

The combination of paid and organic tactics across diverse channels helped the brand to build a comprehensive network of digital touchpoints.

The client received engaging, elegant, and visually consistent creatives in all required formats – from social ads to videos and landing pages. Thought-leadership content boosted brand visibility and positioning, creating an image of an innovative brand.

Successful cooperation with the client has led to our further engagement in two additional campaigns promoting new product launches on international markets. Custom strategies included video production, email marketing, social selling, webinar marketing, digital advertising, and industry media relations. We also organised and promoted an offline product launch event in Dubai.

"When building your marketing strategy, it’s paramount to consider how you can best address all your business goals through a combination of diverse marketing tactics.

Organic marketing and paid marketing can and, indeed, should work hand in hand. Long-term activities at the top of the funnel are essential to strengthening the brand's position and contributing to further lead generation and sales success.

In other words, succeeding at the bottom of the funnel becomes more attainable if it is preceded by structured brand awareness activities.”

Weronika Kann Senior Account Executive at Clipatize

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