Bridging Healthcare Marketing and E-Learning for Siemens Healthineers

Clipatize helped Siemens Healthineers adapt their live events from offline to online—making personalised e-learning experiences possible.

Digital experiences offer new ways to engage traditionally ‘hard-to-reach’ medical industry audiences.With high-quality, live broadcast teleconferencing, a series of educational videos, and an eLearning website with over 700 registered users, we successfully adapted Siemens Healthineers’ physical conference into a virtual one.

Our cooperation with the client has laid a solid foundation, enabling Siemens Healthineers to impart top-tier knowledge to their audience. Following the successful digital events, we have continued to engage with their teams in the promotion of Akademia Siemens Healthineers, a comprehensive suite of courses for medical professionals.

The Client

Siemens Healthineers is a leading global provider of innovative healthcare solutions and services. Co-organised by Bayer and Siemens Healthineers Poland, the School of MRI conference brings together over 500 healthcare experts each year.

The Challenge

Great digital experiences are effective but difficult to get right. A virtual conference is an accessible, easy way to engage the audience online. However, time-strapped healthcare professionals demand real value from digital events and will simply walk away from the screen if it’s not worth their time. We knew our goals had to be aligned with the following ideas:

  • Deliver high-quality, low-latency teleconferencing accessible via the web
  • Manage digital video production, sound design, set design and lighting
  • Host lectures from two separate office locations 
  • Record lecture videos for event-follow ups, and future content marketing
  • Drive the online registration and invitation processes via email
  • Create a way to download lecture materials and resources online

The shift to a virtual conference brought its own set of logistics challenges as well. From sending invitations, managing registrations, to delivering educational materials all via email posed its own set of hurdles. This is where Clipatize stepped in to help.

healthcare e-learning website

MRI School Homepage

How we delivered virtual conferencing

E-Learning Website - Clipatize developed and designed an eLearning website,, to host the sessions. The platform featured a comprehensive conference page with Siemens Healthineers and Bayer materials, registration and logging modules, live session windows, lectures, questionnaires, and a knowledge test.

Virtual Event Production - We were also responsible for live broadcast production, including digital photography and film, set design, recording and broadcasting. Sound design and audio mixing ensured that each lecturer was heard clearly.

Two Film Locations - The Siemens Healthineers offices are located in Warsaw and Gdańsk, requiring two setups.

Email EngagementTo encourage participation in the program, we crafted over 1,000 unique, personalised invitation codes and sent out email notifications to potential attendees. We achieved a registration rate of 72%, resulting in 721 signed up participants. When compared to the average of 500 attendees at previous offline editions of the School, this achievement has enabled the client to extend their reach, showcasing their expertise to an even larger audience of medical professionals.


The results were a smooth digital conferencing experience.

  • Recording, editing, and broadcasting 15 lectures and 4 live sessions in the client's offices in Warsaw and Gdansk.
  • Designing graphics and visuals, including an inspiring backstage video.
  • Advanced sound processing for clear and high-quality audio.

We incorporated various interactive elements such as live broadcasts on YouTube and Vimeo, downloadable lecture materials, and a knowledge test. Our registration system allowed registered conference participants to access the course content later on.

Project behind the scenes

The Outcomes: A Standout Virtual Learning Experience

Clipatize delivered a learning experience that broke the mould. Our team of designers, copywriters, developers and operators blended accessibility, insight, and engagement, creating a website that resonated with the audience.

Siemens Healthineers has showcased creativity and reliability, delivering a first-rate online learning experience. The online event wasn't just a place to learn, it was a place to engage, interact, and grow. We supported Siemens Healthineers in orchestrating an online event that kept the exceptional quality of MRI School, engaging 680 unique visitors and generating 1399 content views.


We Didn't Just Stop at Happy

Client’s positive feedback is our driving force. We joined forces with Siemens and Bayer for future editions of MRI School, handling website updates, email notifications, and broadcast execution.

Since 2017, we've partnered with Siemens Healthineers Poland, but the School of MRI online conferences were a new scale for us. The biggest challenge was the logistic side – coordinating teamwork and setting up the recording and broadcast studios in two different cities. This was undoubtedly a big project, but it gave us great pleasure to see the platform succeed.

Magda Choda Group Account Director

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