Building Demand from a C-Suite B2B Tech Audience Face-2-face

Based in California, Veritas is a world-leading cloud provider with a focus on cybersecurity for enterprises.

As a 360-digital agency, we shifted gears to physical event marketing to nurture better relationships with over 50 C-suite executives interested in the future of cybersecurity of their enterprise systems. We have an ongoing relationship to assist Veritas in Europe, helping them forge long-term B2B relationships through physical events and digital channels combined.



Taking B2B Face-to-Face

Veritas markets their multi-cloud solutions to C-suite clientele with complex buying cycles. Over 80,000 customers—including 87% of the Fortune Global 500–rely on their solutions to help ensure the protection, recoverability and compliance of their data.

Trade events can provide a trust-building opportunity that online lead generation simply can’t replicate. When it comes to cybersecurity topics, nothing establishes trust better than shaking hands and learning with the real-life professionals who promise to solve cloud data security challenges.

A Memorable Cybersecurity Conference

Clipatize orchestrated event production and coordination for Veritas, helping them create a special moment where their brand and their most valuable audience could meet to discuss cloud security and ransomware prevention in a non-superficial way.

The annual event covers how enterprises can neutralize the threat and impact of ransomware on an organization, with over a dozen speakers including topics on:

  • Ransomware Resiliency—how to ensure your data is always protected, immutable, and recoverable.

  • Protect, Detect, and Recover Best Practices—why it matters to standardize your data protection on a single platform.

  • The Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack—hear how a global Veritas customer minimized disruption and avoided paying a ransom

When Veritas hosted their first Solution Day in Poland, it was their first face-to-face event following pandemic restrictions, and they needed to make a lasting impression. 

B2B Event

Solution Day 2022 Highlights

The venue selection, catering setup, event production and afterparty were coordinated by Aleksandra Tatarczuk from Clipatize, who has over 10 years of experience producing enterprise events in Poland.

  • Over 50 Live Attendees and 200+ online viewers were able to participate in the event.
  • Built Demand Offline. While we typically help B2B brands build demand through digital education—via providing e-books, webinars, articles or tutorials—we can also deliver live opportunities for knowledge sharing during events; we designed and produced the Veritas Vulnerability Lag Report to coincide with the event. 
  • Event Signage, Merchandise and more. The finer details of the event were also our responsibility, including the branding and design of roll-up banners, printed agendas, as well as the digital-side for website design and sign-up. We also had the opportunity to produce custom merchandise, branded with Veritas. 


B2B Marketing Report

The success of Solution Day 2022 has led us into ongoing cooperation with Veritas. We continue to orchestrate their trade events in Poland, but have expanded support internationally with pop-up events, brand awareness campaigns, and other digital marketing initiatives. 

We’ll continue to drive B2B demand generation for Veritas in creative ways, performing an array of services, some of which include:

  • Pop-up marketing at trade events and hotels
  • Merchandise for day-to-day operations
  • Veritas-led Round-Table security events in Bristol

“We went from successfully running events for Veritas in Poland, to supporting their branding efforts internationally in less than a year. We proved that we can deliver as a true 360-digital agency, both in digital and physical realms for B2B lead nurturing.”

Aleksandra Tatarczuk Strategist & Account Manager at Clipatize

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