Embarking on a new design journey with Topaz Energy and Marine

Published by Olga Vazhnichaia on 28/10/2016

We first met our client Topaz Energy and Marine on our previous mission to Dubai, and we decided that together we will make their B2B communication materials stand out. Why? Because their business partners (local vessel operators, huge logistics and distribution companies etc) are bombarded with materials which all have the same look&feel. 

 We want the Topaz brand to shine and we have an idea how to achieve that: go artistic - be remembered. So today we roll up our sleeves and start designing a new marketing toolkit, inspired by the Topaz vessels.


topaz vessels clipatize agency warszawa dubai design interactive infographics agencja kreatywna creative vessels new client

(Image: Topaz Energy and Maritime)


Will be sharing the results soon on our Projects page! If you're interested in what we can do for your company, just drop us a line at sayhello@clipatize.com.



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