Building trust through rebranding. A B2B perspective.

Published by Mara Puacz on 15/06/2016

Companies might think that the best way to promote their products, services or company is just to talk about it a lot, which is not exactly true. Good business and promotion is about building trust with your consumers, no matter if we talk about B2B or B2C, and content marketing is a tool to do it. Look how powerful it is:


B2B vs. B2C 
If we want to talk about B2B and B2C, despite sharing a lot of common ground, they have to deal with different kinds of challenges and have to find different ways to build a relationship based on trust with their clients. The first difference appears at the very begining when companies have to decide what are goals and objectives of their content marketing strategy (as you can see on the graph below).



There is also a big difference between B2B and B2C in a buying process, how clients make decisions, the effect on content marketing — language and communication that brands should use. For example: while B2C consumers can make a decision by impulse and on the basis of emotions, it takes even few months of research for a B2B purchasing decision to appear. When it comes to content, B2B clients seek expertise and expert advice on a very high level, but B2C clients seek content with a lighter tone.


Do you trust your bank?

The financial industry has quite a big problem with consumers’ trust.


Content marketing is also a part of solution. According to NewsCred and Redshift Research study:

  • 50% of consumers would likely stay loyal to a bank that provide high quality content
  • 55% trust bank more when it offers them helpful, useful content


So how can you build trust?

If you have a B2B financial institution, you want your business to grow and you already know that the best way to do it is to build trustworthy relationship with clients, you have to follow these five steps of content strategy:

  1. Listen. You have to know that consumers are interested in their own problems. It is not about what you want to show clients (do NOT talk about your product), it’s about what clients want to see.
  2. Understand. It’s about accepting and becoming an expert in customers’ needs.
  3. Find a solution. Clients search for solutions and this is the only reason why they might be interested in your content. It has to be something which can be even quite obvious but they have to see that you are an expert and your advice is valuable.
  4. Share it. You have to provide a regular stream of your content through different channels to make your clients used to reading your content.
  5. Seel it. If clients trust you and believe that you’re an expert, they find your product as a solution.



An original solution: branding.


Case: The PZU rebranding

A good example of how rebranding can build trust is the case of the Polish National Insurance Company PZU. See their brand evolve over time: 


The modernisation of its image is to reflect changes taking place in the company in the recent years. The logo is as simple as new procedures are for customers. Brackets taken from logo’s rim are used with advertising slogans and themes to symbolise protection and care. It’s a vision of a strong, pro-consumer company using modern technology in service.


Case: The Rebranding of Links Insurance Brokers from Dubai

We want to show you a rebranding of LINKS IB - a project which we have completed this year. The company wants to be known as a link to secure future. It needed rebranding to have a better start in building trust with potential customers.


Visual Effect

We changed logo to be more modern and suggest safety, connectedness…


…And even brand colours:


You might not know how important role they play in influencing emotions:


Deep blue is calm, modern and associated with authority.

Midnight blue (cyan) is calming and fresh to symbolise relexation and protection.

Cool Grey is neutral, elegant and simple, associated with technology.

Red Ribbon is very emotional and simbolic for emotions such as love or excitement.


We wanted to show how strong the company is, but at the same time also keep customers calm and relaxed.

Brand icons are all about security:



Brand identity

The values that we wanted to show are the personal approach to customers, transparency and anytime availability. It’s all to show that the company really cares.

To set it apart from competition, the content is in lighter tone to build a relationship with customers based on engagement and understanding their needs, giving hands-on experience.

Our idea was to create an image of LINKS IB as a human with a unique set of characteristics — a male educated in one of the leading management institutions with 20-years experience in risk management and insurance industry. His personality traits — such as a level of knowledge, loyality, confidence or problem-solving — are connected to LINKS IB.


The LINKS Insurance Brokers rebranding was a big success!

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