5 Ways how Video Can Bring More Value to Your Website

Published by Mara Puacz on 22/04/2016

What you share matters, what you want to be perceived like matters, and of course, the (lack of) time of your customers MATTERS – that’s why so many new businesses, but also incumbents, turn to video for their (online) communication. Because video is better shared, remembered and because video creates deeper emotions bonds to the audience than text.

Since this is something scientists have already tested and proved, no wonder there’s so much video online. Also, no wonder the standards of scripting, illustrations, graphics and sound are rising, so DON’T rely on your cousin to get your video done – unless your cousin is an motion arts ace, of course.

We’re watching and producing a lot of video for our customers. And here are our 5 tips on how to use video to really bring added value to your website.  


1. Quality matters

This is the basic assumption – customers will definitely notice if something’s wrong. Look at quality in scripting, graphics and sound, because one of them can ruin the general acceptance and like-ability of your video. Your audience uses all kinds of devices to view and share your website/ video, make it work for all of them, no exceptions. Check out our vlog post about the Creative Brief - or how to get to a good script and stay tuned for next blogs on graphics and sound!


2. Don’t over-promise 

Imagine you walk into a store after you see posters with delicious cupcakes – only to find that the store actually sells cake and pastries – that’s right, no cupcakes. “So why the cupcakes in the window?” you wonder. “Because everyone loves cupcakes right now” says the shop owner. Chances are you’ll leave and keep wondering why the shop didn’t sell cupcakes, since they promised. Promises have to be kept. Disappointed customers don’t come back, so don’t promise (much) more than you offer. Keep it simple and true.


3. Fit with the rest of the website

Your website was the hit of the 2000s, right on in the web 2.0. generation, but no investment has been made ever since. Now you want to post your 2014 (explainer) video in the centre of the homepage. Just staying in line with your visual identity colors is not enough – we seriously recommend going for a complete tuning  - or launching a dedicated new landing page to host your brand new explainer. Give the video a chance to shine!


4. Tell a story and fully integrate 

Since childhood, we are programmed to follow stories, it’s deeply rooted in all cultures and used in learning processes at all ages. That’s why websites nowadays try to tell a story that resonates with the audience. Take a step further than “modern” websites, and instead of embedding a video into the website, make your website a video. Dynamic backgrounds work wonderfully for all kinds of businesses and audiences, just check it out!

5. Keep it short

You probably know by now how little time people spend reading / consuming the content of your website. Use a short video on your homepage to explain, present, attract, invite or introduce your business/ project/ idea. You want to give more information? Create dedicated short videos to each topic and use intuitive titles which encourage viewers to click on the next episode. Ideally, the video on your homepage should not be longer than 90sec, although you can communicate effectively even in 40sec (like this video). You think it’s too little time? Challenge us, we’re happy to show you it works!  

Wondering whether your website’s retention and conversion would be better with a video? Talk to us, we have your answers at sayhello@clipatize.com


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