The rebranding of Eltronika
Boosting the success of the global launch

Our client Eltronika is a leading player in the distribution of machine-to-machine communication and electronic components solutions in Poland. Established in 1995, the company had established a strong market position and client portfolio in the home market, and decided to expand to other markets in Central and Eastern Europe. We were involved in creating the new "face" of Eltronika, which confirms its expertise and vision for growth.  

Why rebranding?

There are various reasons for companies to seek rebranding, ranging from internal factors like a change in product or service offering or change in management to external factors like the need to reposition the brand to face new competition landscape, and the changing design trends. Whatever your company need is, it's really important to communicate that to the design studio, and to start the process with a clear understanding of the reason behind it. 

In the case of Eltronika, the "why?" behind the rebranding was to refresh the image of the company, and enable the new market penetration strategy, which the management had envisioned. That is also the reason why we involved the business directors, as well as the marketing and communication directors in the whole process. Together we managed to deliver an integrated and coherent new visual identity of a full range of communication tools and channels. 


eltronika rebranding clipatize new logo designBrand assets pack as part of the Eltronika rebranding project 


The creative process

Step 1 - Creative concept and Key Visual

We started off by analysing and discovering what is the unique selling proposition of Eltronika? In case of tech companies, it's often easy to stop at the obvious: wires, components, software etc. But rebranding requires the creative team (at this point made up of the creative director, graphic designer and branding strategist) to dig deeper and define the value encapsulated into these technological products or services. We used post it's to gather these insights and discovered that  what it boils down to here is "communication". Yes, machines communicate - just like people. And we used this concept to develop the key visual, which will serve as the foundation of the rebranding process. 


Step 2 - Crafting the new logo 

We took a 2 step approach here:

1 / discover what elements of the old logo our client liked and disliked. These questions implicitly help us dive into the aspirations of our clients, which are crucial in developing the new logo. After this step, we presented the client with 3 logo proposals. 

2/ chose 1 of the proposals and bring it to perfection. 

Here is how we managed that: the new logo needed a professional feel and to be versatile (work on black and white backgrounds), so we proposed these 3 options to our client. The first proposition won the competition and the new logo of Eltronika was born.

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New Eltronika logo since 2015

Step 3 - Digital and print materials 

Together with our client, we prepared a list of brand assets which they use in digital and traditional communications with their own clients. We prepared a list including: business cards, branded invoices, product packaging, roll-up for events. We then used the key visual and new logo to bring all these materials to life and to speak the same language. 


The animated explainer video

Although it's not part of the rebranding story, we wanted to share with you the animated explainer video which we produced upon finalising the rebranding. You believe machine - to - machine communication cannot be explained in an easy and attractive way? We dare to disagree. Check it out! 




Equipped with the new brand assets and the bilingual explainer video (English and Polish language), the Eltronika team is now ready to launch internationally!


Rebranding Eltronika, a company with 20years+ of experience and such a strong market presence, was a real priviledge! I'm happy they trusted in our understanding of their business and were open to pursue a coherent new visual identity throughout their traditional and digital communications! Great project! 

Jan Kuczyński Creative Director & Partner, Clipatize

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