Clipatize Boosts VELUX Brand Awareness Across 11 Markets With an Innovative Content Campaign.

Clipatize has designed and introduced a communication concept to familiarise both existing and potential customers of VELUX with the company’s reward programme. We made an explainer video that conveyed the key message of the client’s initiative in a simple & engaging way.

The client

VELUX is a leading Polish manufacturer of windows. The company’s product line is diverse: from flat roof windows to smart home solutions able to meet the needs of a wide scope of customers. VELUX offers a juicy incentive programme to window installers from 14 European countries.

The Challenge

Designing a creative communication concept for such a conservative audience is no easy task. Let us not forget that an average window installer is a jack of all trades who does both the paperwork and manual labour. In Poland and Romania, most window installation companies are small family-owned businesses with no more than 10 employees. As a result, when a workforce is limited, it may be challenging to build and maintain a level of “closeness” with customers. It is no surprise, then, that many window installers may not be aware of any incentive programmes. This is what we have managed to change.

Ways of reaching an audience

Clipatize has followed an all-out approach to make sure that VELUX is talked about by every existing and potential window installer in Poland. We used all possible communication channels to reach the client’s potential customers, including email and SMS campaigns, and all popular social media platforms.

The “why” and the “how”

We emphasised the following goals of the communication campaign:

  • Building awareness of the programme
  • Generating maximising customer sign-ups
  • Getting frequency

The vision of the campaign was an optimistic and tongue-in-cheek story about how much satisfaction comes with installing VELUX windows and getting rewards from the company’s incentive programme. Hence is the slogan - “More satisfaction with every installation.”

Creative concept

Our creative concept was centred around the following communication pillar: “Installers’ Love Brand That Gives Love Back!”. We decided to prioritise the installers, recognise their hard work and accomplishments, and reward them in ways that promote bonding with people dear to them.

We linked the image of VELUX with love because it is what installers demonstrate when sharing the reward programme presents & vouchers with their families, friends, and significant others. To get frequency, we provided proof to the installer that both registration and participation in the programme are simple and not really time-consuming and, most of all - worth it! Finally, we have also addressed the emotional motivations of the target group again by picturing the full array of benefits and rewards in a use-case manner.

What we delivered

Clipatize produced a short middle-of-funnel (MOFU) programme explainer video. To reach a wider spectrum of viewers, the video has been recorded in both English and Polish languages.

Creative editing, likeable and relatable characters, memorable tunes, relaxed storytelling, and an element of surprise - these were the ingredients that made the video fly. We have gone beyond our limits to produce a promotional video that would be perceived as a music clip rather than an ad. We linked love and satisfaction with window installation through pleasant music and a simple yet exciting storyline.

In today's competitive market, a strong B2B brand strategy for manufacturers is not just about producing a quality product. It’s key to build long-lasting partnerships and provide brand stories that stick out and really stay with 3rd party contractors and installers. We had a lot of fun developing what was essentially a music video for VELUX. It’s proof that you can help consumers take a brand seriously, but develop content that is fun, joyful and playful.

Weronika Kann Account Manager

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