Using Social Selling to Increase Brand Awareness for a Client in the Finance Industry

Clipatize helped one of the leading commercial banks in Poland to start a social selling and employee advocacy programme aimed at building brand awareness.  

Project highlights:

social sellers

weekly deliveries of thought-leadership content
  Finance industry

One of the oldest operating commercial banks in Poland

Our client is unique on the Polish banking scene. As one of the oldest operating commercial banks in Poland, it blends experience and long-lasting legacy with a modern model of finance. 

The company is now part of a leading global financial services provider operating across 160 countries and serving over 200 million customers. Their clients range from consumers to corporations and governments, while products include consumer banking and credit, corporate and investment banking, securities brokerage, transaction services, and wealth management.

Seeking new ways to connect with leads

Our client started to look for new ways that would allow them to build strong business relationships and become a top-of-mind partner without pushy sales methods.

The ultimate goal was to bring new leads through interaction with the audience, in a meaningful way using new channels. All of it was to be achieved without putting any additional pressure on already occupied Regional Managers. 

Deploying social selling

Our process

When the company approached us, they expected to build trust towards their brand using thought-leadership pieces of content that would establish them as experts in their field.

Our team had already run a vast social selling campaign for Microsoft MEA. We had the desired know-how to create content strategy and craft copy that would hit the right note with the bank’s LinkedIn audience.

Project elements

The project started with a bespoke training delivered by our team at the client’s HQ in Warsaw.

Following the introduction, each brand ambassador received further support to ease them into the company strategy and equip them for future activity on LinkedIn.



  • Social selling training: a half-day session on LinkedIn social selling.
  • Content strategy: a bespoke strategy based on a client brief and insights from the social sellers.
  • 19 content packages: weekly deliveries of thought-leadership content.
  • Individual mentoring sessions: calls with participants to discuss their progress and give suggestions on further LinkedIn activity.

Social selling training

The first step in preparing selected members of the staff to embrace social selling was an introductory training session. The topics covered the basics of LinkedIn and Sales Navigator, followed by more in-depth knowledge of social selling.

The sessions were designed for participants with varying degrees of LinkedIn skills, from beginners to upper intermediates. Some participants were ready to prospect and start reaching out to the leads almost immediately, while others had to start by creating and optimising their profiles first.  

Content strategy

Following the training session, we used the insights collected to define a bespoke content strategy encompassing:

  • The unique value proposition (UVP) of our client’s offering.
  • Target audiences.
  • The most relevant topics and themes.
  • Language, point of view (PoV), and style.
  • Taboos and no-go areas.

Following that, we rolled out a content calendar for all social sellers that covered 19 weeks of content deliveries.

Content packages

Publishing thought-leadership content regularly is one of the cornerstones of establishing a strong personal brand in social media.

Our weekly deliveries supported ambassadors by providing them with resources linking to our client’s owned media, third-party web resources, and providing original thought-leadership graphic posts.

We covered a range of topics and ideas related to the world of personal finance, investment, and global markets.



Individual Mentoring Sessions 

We also supported the team of ambassadors with individual sessions. These were run particularly to answer all their questions, inspire them to be even more active online and to track the progress of their performance so far.



Laying the groundwork for future social selling success

The main objective was to promote a professional image of the social sellers and contribute to boosting the awareness of our client’s brand. Despite challenges such as lack of time or varied level of skills, they laid the foundations for future growth. The initial cohort managed to develop competences they need to continue social selling activities independently. 

Meanwhile, the result of the entire effort is best seen in the numbers summarising the campaign. The average growth of SSI stood at 22.66. SSI - Social Selling Index– is a tool assessing a user's potential for sales on LinkedIn.

While SSI is not a guarantee of sales success, it represents a strong connection between specific activities and an increase in sales opportunities and potential prospects.

For those interested in the subject of social selling, we’d like to refer to our videos on typical mistakes made on LinkedIn and success factors that drive high-performing Social Selling campaigns.





"Over 19 weeks, our team provided brand ambassadors with quality content and hands-on support. We strived to leverage LinkedIn's potential to create sales opportunities by boosting the participants' professional image. The content we created promoted brand activities and insights that were meaningful for the bank's LinkedIn audience, rather than spread intrusive sales messages."

Magda Choda Account Manager

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