All Eyes on the Ball:
the GWC x 2022 FIFA World Cup Case Study

At Clipatize, we love a challenge, and some of us are keen (and very amateur) football players, so imagine our excitement when we learned that we would be producing animated adverts that will be showcased at the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar! 

We put together our most outstanding team of 11+ subs and got on with it like crazy! Ideas were sparking; actions were happening; we were assisting, curving the ball, and handling tasks like pros to get the best outcome for our client. Let us tell you more about this exciting project created for GWC - Qatar's leading logistics and supply chain solutions provider.

About the Client

GWC is Qatar's number-one choice in logistics and supply chain management. What does it mean? With 20 locations in Qatar and the region, the company deals with logistics big and small, from relocations to moving fine art, hazardous materials, and Equestrian logistic solutions to forwarding, planning large-scale projects and helping deliver huge sporting events. No wonder GWC has become the official logistics partner for FIFA World Cup 2022.

The execution

Starting from concepts, we developed tell-it-all imagery of what GWC does to help people realise their projects. 

We have an engineer with an oil rig for whom GWC does all the hazmat logistics on the ground and the sea. We have a sports coach whose work is made possible by the network of GWC sports logistics designed with large-scale event delivery in mind. And finally, we have a chef whose everyday job is enabled by GWC's contract logistics. Everything works smoothly around the clock and around the world to make people's lives easier. 

These three stories are told using a mix of various techniques. We have used sophisticated design skills such as drawing, photography, photo retouching, 3D modeling, complex lighting and rendering, high-end composting, 2D & 3D animation, and stop motion.

It was a challenging project, done to a tight deadline. After all, you can't move the opening of a FIFA World Cup, can you? But we enjoyed the process, and most importantly, we're incredibly proud of the killer effect we've managed to achieve. Teamwork makes the dream work! (we hope our national team remembers that one too!;)


To us, the biggest challenge was the sheer complexity of the project. Each of the three planets shows GWC’s logistics processes with a wealth of brand-specific elements, all requiring sign-offs. Then, it was all about extensive 3D modelling, arranging a photoshoot with international models, and finally, lengthy post-production — all done in time to test the animations at the stadiums before the first whistle. 

Sławomir Wolski Production & Group Account Director

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