What your B2B marketing agency should be able to do for you

Published by Jakub Lebuda on 21/06/2018

The process of setting up a marketing cloud can be split into a couple of steps. These steps can be usually made with the support from a B2B marketing agency. These steps require both strategic thinking and a tool-specific know-how.

On the strategic level marketers will need to decide on:

  1. The goal and audience personas they will interact with.
  2. The resources available for the execution of the project (human resources and the budget).
  3. Content production and a publishing plan (this step should include the review of the existing content that could be recycled or re-purposed from the previous communication cycles).
  4. Success metrics.
  5. A media strategy.

Once the project is planned, the marketers will need to oversee:

  1. The production of content (eg. content platforms or landing pages, articles or reports, video formats, etc.).
  2. The deployment of the marketing cloud (introduction of tracking codes in the website(s) source code).
  3. The uploading of leads to the marketing cloud.
  4. The programming of automation rules.
  5. The definition of reporting views.
  6. The preparation of the media plan.


Once the content is ready and the cloud environment is set up, the marketers will supervise the agency in the process of:

  1. The distribution of content (through mailing as well as paid media activities).
  2. The tracking of engagement with the content based on the defined metrics.
  3. The optimisation of a media plan and content according to the collected insights.
  4. The collection of leads and adjustment of nurturing tactics.
  5. The review of the leads collected and lead hand-over to the sales team.



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