We're in a relationship with the biggest airport in the world.

Published by Mara Puacz on 14/09/2016

We're super excited to announce that we've just completed a first content marketing project for our new friends, the Dubai Airports, which opens the door for future digital projects coming up this fall. 

This is exciting for many reasons, but let me just share a few. 


First, Dubai Airports manages the biggest and busiest airports in the world with international traffic. It's a massive place, where a plane takes off or lands every 90 seconds, so precision and quality is at home.

Dubai Airports plays an important role in the development of Dubai - as per the Dubai Vision 2021 - and is expected to grow 100% in the next 10 years .. whoa! This means that the organisation is constantly investing in customer experience and new infrastructure and development projects.  

Last but not least - just picture this - it's a friendship between a mosquito & mammoth, and this  motivates us every day to push our own boundaries and create smarter and better stuff around digital strategy and content. Isn't that cool?

dubai airports clipatize gif travel agency video


Throughout our first project, we've met a very engaged and experienced team of marketers and customer experience professionals, and we've managed to successfully support them with video content which explains how customer experience and loyalty is measured at Dubai Airports. We're looking forward to the new challenges ahead! 



Our agency is growing in Dubai

As the number of our friends in Dubai keeps growing, we've also launched a microsite dedicated to our Dubai office dubai.clipatize.com


See you soon, Dubai! 


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